BOM Kitting

BOM Kitting:

Market Analysis:

In the era of the Internet-based information explosion, the biggest features of the electronics industry are flexibility, rapidity and versatility.

In order to meet the demands of different customers, diversified supplies for electronic components have been a problem facing all manufacturers, and in the meantime some well known BOM kitting and Catalogue distribution suppliers emerged.


Reasons to choose Fu-Tech Limited:

Integration of BOM from different clients, packaged purchasing for a lower price.

Global “7 day-24 hour” service, flexible and rapid disposal of your demands, saving procurement time.

Quick and safe logistics service that can save you logistics costs.

Professional marketing and a sourcing team to provide you with more purchasing advice, comprehensive integration of BOM procurement.

Comprehensive financial support, making you free of pay- in- cash procedure troubles when making small lot procurement.

Strict Quality Control inspection, ensuring satisfactory procurement of any of your demands.